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Bob Corbo is one of the 20 accredited System Directors for the 5SK Golf Instruction Program in the world.

The Pure Strike 5 Simple Keys (5SK) system for teaching golf is based on only the things that players have in common. As a golfer learning the 5 Simple Keys, you can earn keys to proudly hang on your golf bag to demonstrate your progress towards striking it pure every time.

Medicus Golf came to the conclusion that all good ball strikers had a distinct set of commonalities, which are the 5 simple keys.

The keys are achievable by all golfers as long as they understand the fundamentals behind each key.

If you are interested in learning about our 5SK Teaching Program, call us at (609) 520-0040. We offer a 5-hour lesson package that demonstrates all 5 keys.

The 5 Simple Keys are:

  • Key 1: Steady Head

  • Key 2: Weight Forward

  • Key 3: Inline Impact

  • Key 4: Diagonal Sweetspot

  • Key 5: Clubface Control

This is a great example of all 5 keys being executed

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