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  • Programs run monthly and are held outdoors (weather permitting) from April-October

  • Held mainly indoors November-March (6,000 square ft. facility including 3 simulators, a hitting net, and putting green). Limited Capacity.

  • 6:1 Student to Instructor ratio maximum

  • Classes held at Princeton Country Club

  • No make up classes 

Player Development Level 1


For Junior golfers with limited or no golf experience and are eager to learn using a game-based learning approach!



  • The setup (grip, posture, ball position, alignment)

  • Rules & Etiquette

  • Full Swing 

  • Short Game (putting/chipping/pitching)


  • Sundays 10:00-11:30AM

  • Runs monthly for $200 ($250 for five week months). 

  • Ages 5-11

  • Loaner clubs available

  • 10% off U.S. Kids Club sets

  • Game-based learning approach

  • NO class on Easter (3/31)

Player Development Level 2

For Junior golfers who have a grasp and understanding of a proper setup and basic swing mechanics and want to gain experience on the golf course.

Ages 8+


This program is designed to provide instruction on the driving range followed by guided play on the golf course. Instruction on the course is geared towards golf course management.


  • Sundays 12:00-2:00 PM

  • Focus is on golf course management, club selection, hitting out of different lies, and pace of play.

  • Runs monthly for $250 ($312.50 for 5-week months). 

  • Students are grouped by age and skill level

  • Students MUST have their own clubs

  • NO class on Easter (3/31)

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