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Using the Shaft Optimizer 3D which uses Mizuno's Swing DNA fitting process, we can fit any golfer from the high handicap to scratch. In addition to club fittings, we offer the following services:

  • Club fitting

  • Loft/Lie Adjustment ($100)

  • Re-gripping (often done while you wait!)

  • Re-shafting

  • Wedge grinding

  • Putter fitting

Call to schedule a fitting session (609) 520-0040.

Cost for a fitting is $150 but if you decide to make a purchase of clubs, we waive the $150 fee.

The latest technology, Mizuno's 3D Optimizer in conjunction with aboutGOLF 3TRAK®, is used during your lesson and/or fitting sessions to diagnose and provide instruction for areas of improvement.


With the high cost of golf equipment wouldn’t it make sense that the clubs you select will perform for your game? No two swings are identical, so why should you be playing stock clubs?

At Mercer County Golf Academy we are primarily a teaching facility, but we are also a fitting center for some of the most trusted brands in golf. As a Mizuno and top 100 fitting center, we utilize the latest technology to find the right specs for your equipment.

The following steps are used to determine the correct equipment for you:

  • Find the correct club head and shaft combination.

  • Fit for total weight – Swing weight.

  • Grip style – Grip size

  • Shaft material – Flex

  • Length

  • Lie & Loft Angle

The clubs are then ordered (costing no more than any certified internet site or large retailer) and delivered so that you then can complete your fitting.

We go through the set and adjust every iron to maximize their performance. We then record this information and set up a six-month return appointment in order to ensure that the clubs have remained in spec and adjust any clubs that are out of spec.

Please call the golf academy to schedule your fitting appointment: (609) 520-0040.

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