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This program is designed to enhance the beginner golfer's game, focusing on each golfer's individual fundamentals and basics. Each week will strengthen set up, posture, alignment and impact position.


The participant has four (at times, five based on the month) consecutive classes, which begin at the start of every month (see schedule below). Sessions (pick one) are held on Saturdays 9-10 AM (at Mercer Oaks and now also HOPEWELL VALLEY CC), Mondays 6-7 PM (Mercer Oaks), and Thursdays 6-7 PM at HOPEWELL VALLEY CC (rain or shine).  Loaner clubs can be provided.

Program Details

  • 4 week program

  • Monthly Program (can enroll in multiple months)

  • Instruction for 1 hour each session.

  • Clubs are available if needed

  • Meet promptly at respective course 

  • No make-up classes

  • Cost $160/month based on four classes 

  • Maximum 6-1 student to teacher ratio


Mercer Oaks & Hopewell Valley CC

Saturdays 9-10 am starting:

  • April 6th (No classes @ Hopewell this month)

  • May 4th (No classes @ Hopewell this month); Sessions at Mercer Oaks FULL...NEW session available at Princeton CC

  • June 1st (5 classes, $200)

  • July 6th​ 

  • August 3rd (5 classes, $200)

  • September 7th

  • October 5th

Mercer Oaks

Mondays 6-7 pm starting:

  • April 1st (5 classes, $200) SESSION FULL

  • May 6th (No class 5/27, 3 classes, $120) *NEW session at Princeton CC now OPEN

  • June 3rd

  • July 1st (5 classes, $200)

  • August 5th

  • September 9th (NO class 9/2)

  • October 7th (5-6pm due to early sunset)

Hopewell Valley CC Thursdays 6-7 pm starting:

  • NO classes in APRIL

  • May 2nd (5 classes, $200)

  • June 6th

  • July 11th (NO class 7/4, 3 classes, $120)

  • August 1st (5 classes, $200)

  • September 5th 

  • October 3rd (5-6pm due to early sunset, NO class 10/31)

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