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MCGA Mini Camp


This program is directed to the high school golf coach who wants to strengthen their top golfers. It's designed for the top 6 golfers of your High School Team and open to both Boys and Girls Teams. Throughout this 6-week program your golfer will attain information and professional tips from a Division 1 College Golf Coach. Gain insider access to other College Golf Coaches and create a bigger network.



What to expect:


  • Strengthen your ball striking skills.

  • Explanation of golf swing (Pre-shot routine/alignment)

  • Enhance your understanding of ball flight laws.

  • Ball flight Laws/D Plane/5SK explanations

  • Gain club face and distance control.

  • Hit sand shots with confidence.

  • Short Game/Short Irons (Chipping/Pitching)

  • Hybrids vs. Long Irons/Driver-Fairway Woods

  • College level training.​




  • 6 Weeks 



Time/Dates are customized and reserved differently for each team.



  • $200.00 Per Golfer


**High School coaches are not involved in this program. This program is strictly for the student.


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